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The VEAP Assistance Voucher Service is developed for persons who are at least one of the following:

1. Homeless or in danger of becoming homeless

2. Financial despair

3. At risk emotionally or physically


San Joaquin County veterans and/or spouses that meet basic eligibility requirements may receive needed assistance for temporary shelter, food, utilities, prescriptions, etc. through this program. Persons who believe they meet the program criteria must first complete a Voucher Request Form (VEAP 2022-01). The information contained on the form must be able to be verified through various means to assure the applicant meets the standard requirements. Eligibility for assistance is based on resources, need, verified military service, and San Joaquin County of residency.


Participation - in the VEAP Assistance Voucher System is limited to one (1) time assistance per household every twelve (12) months depending on an individual’s age and needs at the time of eligibility.


Voucher assistance - is intended to help those who are truly in need of support and who have no other resources available to draw upon. It is not intended to provide a means to afford other discretionary expenditures. Eligibility in the program is based on a needs test which includes a thorough evaluation of financial resources available to the applicant. This could include, but is not limited to, bank and financial institution account statements, current payroll stubs, federal and state income tax returns, social security award letters, utility and cable bills, etc. Applicants may be required to fill out a ‘Request for Copy of Income Tax Return’ (IRS form 4505) and an authorization for a credit check. All recipients will be required to re-certify their eligibility from time to time. To request assistance, call Post 190 (209-924-4419/leave phone #) or contact the San Joaquin County Veterans Services Officer (VSO).


Program applicants and existing recipients must be drug free and indicate so on the Voucher Request Form (VEAP 2022-01).

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