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Vets Serving Vets Van

 Serving San Joaquin County Veterans

Monday through Friday

72-Hour Notice Required

Non-Medical Transport

(209) 924-4419









Unincorporated County Areas



San Joaquin County


Livermore (VA Hospital)

Palo Alto

Sacramento (Mather VA Hospital)

VEAP Transportation Services Information

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The VEAP Transportation Service is available to verified current or former service members of the United States Armed Forces and/or their family members residing in San Joaquin County.


Service Area – San Joaquin County, Livermore, Sacramento, and Modesto. Service area is subject to change.


Vehicle – The program uses a 7-passenger wheelchair capable van, and is operated by qualified volunteer drivers.


Transportation Activities – Doctor’s appointments, *limited medical treatments, pick-up of prescriptions, food and other shopping, and ** social and recreation opportunities.


Hours of Operation - Monday through Friday (6:00 AM – 5:00 PM) for non-social and recreation opportunities. Saturday and Sunday (6:00 AM – 10:00 PM) for social and recreation opportunities.


Trip Scheduling – Call Post 190 (209) 924-4419 and leave a message (name, contact #. Email address if one is available) at least 72 hours prior to time of pickup. Requests for social and recreation trips will be presented to the VEAP committee. If approved, the requestor will be notified and the trip will be posted on the Post 190 face book page. Remember that the van is limited to 7 passengers.


The VEAP is not an entitlement program. Assistance in the program can be terminated at any time for any

reason deemed to be in the best interest of the VEAP. Failure to accurately disclose or to intentionally mislead the VEAP into providing assistance is grounds for immediate termination. The VEAP reserves the right to pursue legal action to recover the cost of benefits distributed as the direct result of fraudulent misrepresentation.


* At present, due to limited resources, the van service cannot serve chemotherapy or dialysis



**Social and recreation opportunities will either be created by the VEAP committee or can

be requested by a qualified San Joaquin County veteran/family member.

Other Local Services

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